The fourth conference for school principals and super intendents in Israel, 23 November 2016

About Avney Rosha Institute

Avney Rosha, the Israel Institute for School Leadership, was established in 2007 as a joint initiative of the Ministry of Education and Yad Hanadiv (The Rothschild Foundation). The institute's name, Hebrew for "keystones," captures its appreciation for the key role played by educational leaders –school principals and superintendents – in both changing and improving the education system. The institute engages in the training and professional development of all school principals and superintendents in Israel, on the premise that their leadership is a critical element in the effort to push Israel's education system forward. The range of programs and learning processes that the institute offers reflects its aim to provide educational leaders with the knowledge, the tools and the skills necessary for driving a system-wide improvement in Israel's schools.

The Avney Rosha Institute will be holding its fourth conference for school principals and superintendents in Israel. This is the largest professional conference devoted to the interaction between school leadership and education, research and practice.

About the conference

The conference will take place on Wednesday, 23 November 2016, between 8:30am and 5:00pm in the International Convention Center (Binyenei HaUma), in the presence of the Education Minister and his Director General. Around 2,500 educators will attend the conference – the backbone of formal education in Israel.

The title of the conference – All About Learning – conveys the idea that inservice processes of ongoing, sustained learning by educators (superintendents, principals and teachers alike) is a key means of improving classroom teaching and learning. The conference will highlight the roles that principals and superintendents play in teacher learning in schools: what sort of roles do they play? How do they influence teachers' learning and development? And what leadership practices might support teacher learning?

The concept of All About Learning assumes that in order for them to be better professionals, instructors of every kind must also be learners - and all the more so in the education system, whose very purpose is learning. The conference will therefore discuss effective learning processes
and principles, features of professional conversations in day-to-day work, and supporting structures and conditions for such processes.

A variety of speakers - educators as well as professionals from adjacent fields, practitioners and scholars, Israeli and non-Israeli – will share their fresh and current points of view on these subjects.